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Flatten Your Rug’s Corners for $4

Flatten Your Rug’s Corners for $4

Flatten Your Rug’s Corners for $4

Receiving a brand-new rug is a very exciting time for a household as often it will be the masterpiece which ties the room together. A rug should be aesthetically pleasing to the eye, comfortable yet metaphorically tucked away in the centre of the room. However, we have all experienced instances whereby the corners of a rug have the tendency to curl upwards which can not only caused a dangerous trip hazard but do not look that great. Rugs are sourced from all over the globe and due to their size and weight are often transported in large shipping containers in rolled up positions.

If you have a rug with flappy corners, there are numerous ways to do this: by rolling it in the opposite direction, using rug tape, painters’ tape to break the habit!

Having seen thousands of these cases we developed a quick and easy method to flatten your rugs corners.

Here are the simple steps to make the corners of your rug lay flat.

  1. Tile Squares

First, you can head to your local Bunnings or click this link to find these SUPER inexpensive vinyl tile squares for which only cost $2. As you will be cutting these in half, you will only need to purchase two of these


  1. Cut the Tile

Leaving the sticky back covered cut the tile in half with regular scissors at an angle. Making two perfect (I mean not really) triangles.

  1. Remove Paper

Remove the back paper piece and be careful because the vinyl is very sticky. Hold it on the edges only.



  1. Stick Tile to Corner of Rug : Flip the rug corner up and press the sticky side of the tile to the back corner of your rug. Lay the rug back flat and apply pressure to make sure you get a good stick. I jump on it and put my full body weight to good use!


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